First n Stripes - Scottish Rock
Street of Mud

"Street of Mud, the henceforth 2nd studio album of the scottish rockband First n Stripes is a marvelous piece of art. Eric Stripes the ever-present frontman delivers an outstanding vocal performance paired with strong but likewise delicate guitarplay. He sets the stage and invites us all to a tremendous and entertaining voyage in a land full of wonders and frivolous things. He is reliably accompanied by the stunning drumman Roger McFirst who plays his drums like he's never done anything besides. Ennobled with a dreamlike bass and an outstanding mastering this album truly is rendered a magnus opus." - Scottish Music Week 08/18
How to rule them all

"You can hear it, you can feel it. Yes, First n Stripes released their long-awaited 1st album How to rule them all. The band is greatly mature and enriched with a gorgeous bass. The songs clean and a delight to ones ears. This is a marvelous album, but it seems as if First n Stripes did not reached their prime yet. We are curious what is to come and the while savor How to rule them all." - Scottish Music Week 04/15